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Caldic Techniek Belgium

Generators - Generatorcontrols - Pulleys and timingbelts - Conveyor components - Mechanical powertransmission - chains - couplings.

We are specialised in the field of generators (Stamford) , generator controls , timingbelt drives (MEGADYNE, SDPSI), conveyor components (REXNORD, MCC, MARBETT, ROLLVEN) and mechanical powertransmission ( SEDIS, NEUGART, CENTA, CROSS & MORSE, ELECTROCRAFT, UHING, MECVEL, ...)

We can help you with practical and competitive solutions with a high performance.

We have the know-how and also have our own workshop, where we can modify generators according to your speciale specifications and we can provide a 24 hour service policy for generators. We are equiped with our our own production site with a fully automated CNC-machines  for the production of timingbelt pulleys according to your drawings.

We keep constantly more then 300 generators in stock in order to garantee you a short reaction-time.

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Caldic Techniek Belgium N.V
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