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SEDIS has a new selectiontool for chains (06-06-2023)
Sefis has a large range of chain-products that surely covers your needs. Use this simple flowchart to determine which Sedis chain is the best solution for your application. You can..
MOVEX: an engineering manual for the 500 RR and the ATP transfertplate (06-06-2023) logo movex 120
MOVEX : New engineering manuals for easier designing Engineering manual for the 500 RR ( Raised Rib) We are happy to present to you the new engineering manual for the modular belt 500..
SDPSI has a large range of couplings and has an easy selection tool. (05-05-2023) logo 120
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the large range of small couplings produced bij SDPSI StockDrive for Luxemburg and Belgium. Here you have an overview of all the different..
MOVEX : the new belt 550 Vacuum and extensions on the 1873 MX1 (05-05-2023) logo movex 120
MOVEX : Extension of the Sideflexing chain 1873 MX1 and the new modular belt "550 vacuum". Sideflexing chain 1873 MX1 De sideflexing chain 1873 MX1 is used for hot-fill applications and..
MECVEL makes engineering of ACTUATORS easy (05-05-2023) logo en actuator 200
Choose the right electric linear actuator step by step on MECVEL's website. And generate your own step file or other CAD format with the online configurator. How to do it? Go to Mecvel's..
UHING Expansion spool for coreless winding (04-04-2023)
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Luxemburg and Belgium for the products produced and designed by UHING Gmbh. The expansion spool garantees you sustainability and ease of..
Megadyne raises the bar with MEGALINEAIR P3.3 (04-04-2023)
Raise the bar with MEGALINEAIR P3.3! Megalinair P3.3 is a flat belt in PU reïnforced with steel cords for elevator appplications. Megalinear P3.3 takes the development of elevator belts to the..
TECOM has a new catalog version 2023 (03-03-2023)
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for TECOM for Belgium and Luxemburg. TECOM has got more then 30 years experience in the development and production of chains and components for..
Stagnoli keeps plastic HTD pulleys with alu centers ON STOCK (12-12-2022)
Stagnoli expands productrange with plastic pulleys with integrated aluminium inserts. In a lot of cases heavy aluminium or steel timing belt pulleys could be successfully replaced by pulleys..
Megadyne SATI Step-files of standard pulleys via CADENA (12-12-2022)
Do you need 3D drawings or step-files of standard pulleys for your designs ? You can now find the step-files of SATI ( = Megadyne) on the site of CADENAS. See url plus..
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