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MECVEL makes engineering of ACTUATORS easy


MECVEL makes engineering of ACTUATORS easy

Choose the right electric linear actuator step by step on MECVEL's website.

And generate your own step file or other CAD format with the online configurator.

How to do it?

Go to Mecvel's website 

Choose one of the models from the digital catalog , for example from the EC series.

Here you can also view the technical data ( datasheet).

If you scroll down the page, you will get to the product configurator.

Clicking on the product configurator takes you to the next page:

Click on for instante the EC4.

You can set the stroke length (stroke) by scrolling on the selection bar:

For example, you could set the stroke to 124 mm and provide a safety zone of 32 mm at the beginning and end of the stroke by setting the push rod stroke to 32 mm. This would avoid mechanical damage to the internal components.

Or if you want an affective stroke of 350 mm you can enter 400 mm on the stroke and 25 mm on the push rod stroke.

Once the model has been chosen, taking into account the power supply, the position of the motor (orthogonal, parallel or in line with the push rod of the electric linear actuator), the force to be delivered according to the load to be moved, the type of screw (acme or ball screw) and the limit switches, the design and technical characteristics can be further customized.

It is possible to set a series of options such as speed, stroke length, voltage, encoder, potentiometer, anti-rotation, bellows shoe, paint, safety nut, position of motor and e-box, type and position of rear and front and also limit switches, according to MecVel proposal.

After each new choice, the 3D preview is updated, so you can see all changes in real time and check if they meet the requirements.

On the right page there is already a preview of your selection in 3 D.

Once all options are selected, then on the right-hand page you can generate a CAD drawing.

In this case, you will be redirected to the CADENAS website. You just need to select the type of 3D drawing and the file will be generated for you.

If you need a special design/modification for a specific application, a demanding duty cycle, different temperatures, special materials, etc., we are happy to be at your disposal.

A mail to suffices .

CALDIC TECHNIEK BELGIUM is your distributor for MECVEL products for Luxembourg and Belgium.

We also have the newest MECVEL catalogues in pdf available for you.

Just click on the picture to download.

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